I had a short one day ride with Alan last November (2018) trying to follow TET Spain on my Honda CFR250. Alan was super nice to show me the trails around Flix on his bike and we had an unforgettable day riding offroad in the mud. And digging the bikes out of it, cause it was super wet in Spain that month. It was a nice sunny day and my driving and navigation skills improved with Alan as a guide and offroad instructor. Thank you and good luck! Jurga
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I have been riding motorbikes for over 30 years, mainly off-road but with at least a decade of riding on-road, and on a wide range of bikes. I am based in Flix, Tarragona, but I can arrange guiding throughout the whole of Spain.

Over the past few years, I have been able to explore north east Spain (Catalunya & Aragon) both on and off-road, and it is a wonderful place to ride and explore. Whether riding through the Pyrenees, or following the river Ebro to the beach, there is something here for everyone, whatever your ability and whatever you ride. I have been instrumental in helping to map, develop and update the TET (The Trans Euro Trail is an off-road trail network covering the whole of Europe) in this part of Spain, so finding new and alternative off-road trails is something I have been doing for some time. This coupled with my love of perfect tarmac roads winding through incredible scenery, especially routes which avoid the popular tourist traps, ensure you will experience the real Spain.

Whether you want a one day tour, a full week or more, I can create a package that gives you what you want, either curcumnavigating Spain on tarmac, or a one day ciricular off-road route and anything inbetween. Send me a message and lets plan your next Spanish Motorbike Tour.

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