As I approached my 50th birthday, after all the stress and drama I have been through over the past two and a half years, I decided I deserved a nice bike. Having gone through a messy seperation, a wildfire destroying my home and killing my three dogs, been locked out of our second home by my ex-girlfriend, been assaulted, falsely accused of robbery, and finally covid and Brexit, I deserve to have a nice bike. Riding is therapy; you never see a motorbike parked outside a psychiatrist clinic.

It took a while to narrow down what I wanted and didn’t want in a bike. My KTM 640 Adventure has been a wonderful machine, capable of cruising on the motorways, riding the TET, and climbing mountains, but my riding has changed. I used to do 80% off-road and 20% on-road, but that has more than reversed to around 95% on-road and just 5% off-road. I needed a more comfortable mile-muncher, but which was still capable off-road when required.

I thought I had found the perfect bike when I test rode the Triumph Tiger 900 Rally, and I was ready to order a new one. I had stopped looking at bikes, I was so convinced I had found the perfect bike for me. So the date was set when I would travel to the Triumph dealer and order my new Tiger 900 Rally Pro, but my friend wanted to ‘look at a BMW on our way to the Triumph dealer’.

When we arrived at the BMW dealer, I was immediately attracted to a 850GS. I asked if I could try it, before going to order the Triumph. The dealer said I would be wasting my time with the 850GS, and suggested I tried their 1250 GS Adventure Rallye. I filled out the necessary paperwork and set off on a two hour test ride with my friend leading the way. One hour into the ride, and I stopped to email Triumph to delay my arrival. As the end of the second hour arrived, my friend asked what my thoughts were on the BMW 1250GSA. My reply was that I couldn’t find anything to dislike, but more important was that I simply wanted to keep riding it. I really didn’t want to like the BMW, I have made fun of them for years saying that they only go as far as the nearest Starbucks etc., but the fact is they are a really good adventure touring bike, which can keep up with most superbikes, and has off-road ability.

We returned to the dealer and I knew I now wanted a 1250 GSA. I looked at what they had for sale, and I was immediately drawn to a 2019 1250 GS Adventure Rallye TE HP. I arranged to take it out the next day, and after a 90 minute ride, I returned to the dealer and agreed to buy it. I asked if I could collect it on my birthday, and they went above and beyond what I expected, decorating the bike with 50th Birthday balloons.

So I am now the proud owner of a 2019 BMW 1250 GS Adventure Rallye TE HP. If you see me touring around, feel free to say hello.


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