My New Arai Tour X4

A couple of weeks back, I was cleaning my Hebo Raptor helmet with my MucOff cleaning kit, and I noticed 3 cracks in the plastic shell. That left me with no choice other than to replace my helmet so the quest to find a suitable replacement started.

I have been an Arai fan for some time, having previously owned an Arai RX7-GP Crutchlow replica which I bought in 2010. My mate Phil warned me, once you buy an Arai, you won’t want anything else. Since buying the RX7-GP, I have owned a Shark helmet, an AGV helmet and the Hebo helmet, and whilst they were all nice and comfortable helmets, they simply lacked that extra feeling of quality and refinement you get with an Arai helmet.

Fortunately, my search for a helmet was a relatively short one. Having recently bought half of a new riding suit from MyMoto in Leeds (details to follow in another post), and feeling as though I would now become lifelong friends with the guys who work there, it was the first place I decided to visit.

MyMoto have a great selection of gear, all nicely set out, and the staff all ride bikes so they know what bikers need, how important a good fit is, and they can advise on whether one brand will better suit someone than another brand. I told Steve, who works in MyMoto, what I wanted from a helmet, which brands suit my head shape and we proceeded to the rear of the shop to try on some helmets. I was immediately draw to the Arai Tour X4, and when I tried it on, just like when I first tired the RX7-GP, it was as though the helmet had been made specifically to fit my head. The fit of Arai helmets, and quality of materials in the lining is simply luxurious compared to some other brands, but to confirm it was the best helmet for me, I still tried every other helmet they had in my size, and as I thought, the Arai was and still is the best fitting and most comfortable helmet I have bought.

Unfortunately, MyMoto didn’t have the colour scheme I wanted, but they ordered one for me in Cover Fluor Yellow (matt) in my size, and 2 days later, it was in the shop and ready for collection, and there was even a clear Pinlock insert inside the box. I ordered a Pinlock ProtecTINT insert for my helmet. The ProtecTINT changes from clear to dark smoke within seconds, which is perfect when you need a tinted visor in the daytime and clear at night, but you don’t want to carry a spare visor with you.

Now after all my raving about how wonderful Arai helmets are, there is one notable problem with the Arai Tour X4, and that is the visor, but more specifically how the visor shape prevents the Pinlock insert from sealing correctly. I have installed loads of Pinlock inserts over the years, I fully understand how they adjust, how to get the best fit, but for some reason, it simply will not seal inside the Tour X4 visor. A quick search on Google shows it is quite a common problem, and one I hope Pinlock will address at some point. That issue aside, the Arai Tour X4 is an absolute joy to wear, ventilation and visibility are both excellent, and the helmet comes with a 7 year guarantee for peace of mind.


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