Resole Sidi Adventure Boots

Once my Sidi Adventure boot soles had worn out, I started the search for someone who could resole them. I tried several cobblers, but none had the specialist press required for these particular boots. A search on Google suggested that I should contact GB Bike Leathers, so I sent them a message. They replied saying they were too busy, and I should try again after the new year, which I did, and despite being able to see that they read my message, I never received a reply.

The old worn-out sole

A more thorough search then suggested I contact Timpson. Timpson can’t resole these type of boots in any of their shops, but they send them away for specialist resoling for a modest £72. I dropped the boots off at my local Timpson branch on the 28th February, and they were ready for collection, complete with new Vibram soles, just 10 days later.

New Vibram soles
Ready for a few more years of riding

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