Spains Lockdown De-escalation Phases Explained

Phase 0

This is the preparation phase, and will allow us to go outside for exercise or for walks from 4th May 2020. We can walk with a partner for exercise for 1 hour a day, within 1km of home. We can exercise individually within the municipality. Professional sportepeople can train within their municipality.

Small businesses will be able to open by appointment only, and restaurants can provide takeaway food.

Phase 1

From 00:00 on 10th May 2020, Phase 1 of the government’s plan starts in certain areas. We can travel within our province, with people we live with, or with others provided we wear face masks. We will not be allowed to cross into anothe province until at least the end of June.

The use of masks on public transport is required where it is not always possible to maintain a social distance of two meters.

During Phase 1, social groups of upto 10 people will be allowed.

Sidewalk cafés will be able to open at 30% of their usual capacity. This means that you will be able to have a drink with friends on a terrace, but not visit your family members or friends in another province.

Hotels will also be able to open, but there will be no common areas available to guests.

Phase 2

The government has not set specific dates for each phase, and implementation could vary from province to province. When Phase 2 arrives, citizens will be able to enter the inside of bars and restaurants, with a limit of 30% of capacity. Cinemas, theaters etc. will also reopen with a similar limit.

Cultural events such as concerts, with a third of their usual capacity, will be allowed. Outdoor events will be allowed for up to 400 people provided they are seated.

Visits to people with disabilites in care homes will be allowed, but not to seniors.

Schools will offer classes for the children under the age of six if their parents require it to be able to go to work, while students will also be able to complete their university entrance exams.

Schools in general in Spain will not reopen fully until September.

Phase 3

Phase 3 will see the further relaxation of movement restrictions, with a recommendation to wear masks outside of the home, and especially on public transport. This phase is likely to be implemented in mid-June, and will allow for visits to senior care homes, under conditions that will be established nearer the time.

Bars will be able to open with a limit of 50% of capacity.

There will be continued limits on the number of people who can enter shops and they will have to observe social distancing.

No details have been announced regarding beaches and swimming pools.

“New normality

The last stage – “new normality” – could arrive at the end of June provided there isn’t a second wave of the virus.

We should be allowed to move between provinces, but only if the neighbouring province has also reached the same level. For example, if Aragon is at phase 3 and Catalonia has reached “new normality”, we still won’t be allowed to cross the border between the two provinces.

There has not been any confirmation of when national flights and non-essential train journeys will be possible.

The government also stated that is wishes to use the plan to reclaim urban spaces for pedestrians and bicycles to help reduce the use of private vehicles which contribute to noise and air pollution. The government also wants to promote working from home, and staggering start times in order to reduce congenstion and social crowding.

All of the above depends upon the figures for covid-19 cases and deaths to continue to fall. And all of the above are subject to change at any stage, but these are the guidelines as of today.

You can read about any recent de-escalation changes by clicking here.


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