Testimonial from Debbie

I recently took a bike tour with Alan Holt of Spanish motor bike tours. I don´t ride myself but having experienced a day and half motor bike tour in the North of Vietnam as a pillion passenger I decided I wanted to have a similar experience closer to home.

Alan bases his tours in and around the beautiful mountains in the North of Spain. some of his tours even  reach Andorra. 

I was the first person to ask him for a tour on the back of his bike.

 There had to be a degree of faith on my part and of course he needed to know how capable I was as a pillion passenger. After a brief chat about what I wanted from the day we started our tour.

Alan was very professional and rode the quiet sweeping roads in a manner that made me feel very secure.

He chose a route that was both interesting and picturesque. I had opportunities to take photos of the stunning views that stretched into eternity and have coffee breaks in old medieval towns where time seemed to have stood still.

When our plans for lunch went sideways because I had chosen to tour on a very busy holiday weekend. Alan immediately came up with another option in the next village. ,In truth it was just the type of place I love as it was an old traditional family run restaurant with delicious home cooked food. The windows looked over an  amazing view of a beautiful valley, an added bonus.

I had a very enjoyable day, the lack of cars meant we were unhindered by traffic and. at every bend there was a spectacular view. The terrain changed from terraced olive groves to rocky mountain peaks. Distant villages nestled into the base of rolling hills and Pine covered mountains. As my tour drew to a close the sun began to drop behind the stony ridges . the dusk gave me another perspective as I watched the shadows grow longer and distant lights from old stone farms flickered a welcome home.

I had an amazing day and would highly  recommend a tour with Alan. whether you are a rider or just want to enjoy the freedom of the open road as a pillion you can´t fail to have a wonderful day.

The whole day lasted about 7 hours including our stops. it was well planned, spectacular and an incredible experience for me.


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  1. What a beautiful account of a great ride out….and I know because I was there.
    It was fun to ride together and show you the sights from the back of a bike… and that restaurant was the icing on the cake

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