Things To Do During Lockdown

Whilst we are not allowed to ride much further than our town boundary during lockdown, this is a great opportunity to perform some preventative maintenance.

When I moved house recently, i noticed excessive movement on the front brake lever. Investigation showed that the caliper sliders were seized, meaning only one pad was pushing against the disc, and the caliper couldn’t move and adjust, hence the excessive play at the lever.

With a foot of snow on the ground, I needed the KTM to be rideable as it was the only way for me to get off and back on to the farm. I had no option than to remove the caliper and walk 2km into town to then get a lift to my KTM dealer, Moto Caspe KTM. He couldn’t do it that day, so I had to walk the 2km back to the farm and the repeat the whole trip to collect the reconditioned caliper. Tomorrow, I will refit it and with just a few inches of snow left to thaw, i’ll be able to make my own way into town as and when I need to.

So why not take advantage of not being able to ride to check on your bike, and get it ready for when lockdown ends.


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