Things You Need To Know About Exploring Spain During ‘New Normal’

Yesterday, we decided to go out on my KTM for a day riding around the Spanish Pyrenees, calling in to see our friend Simon (aka The Spanish Biker) and to see how life has changed in other parts of Spain whilst in the ‘new normal’ de-escalation phase of the coronavirus pandemic.

Firstly, if you are coming to Spain to tour, it is not only essential that you bring a supply of face masks, its now law that you must carry one at all times. You must wear a mask when entering some business premises, such as restaurants to use the toilet or to pay. Our experience was that this wasn’t fully enforced everywhere, but to avoid any problems, you should expect that this is now the norm. And anywhere that you can’t ensure social distancing of 2m (some places now say 1.5m), you need to wear your mask. In the cities, people wear their mask on their arm to avoid being questioned as to whether they have one with them.

Something else you will need, is a smartphone and a QR code scanner application. The reason for this is because restaurants (most, but in our experience, not all) have stopped handing out printed menus for food and drinks, and instead have a QR code that you need to scan with the application in order to read the menu. There are two obvious downsides to this, the first is that the menu becomes tiny and difficult to read at a glance. The second is that one person downloads the menu, and the phone is then passed around the table with the potential to spread the virus in a similar way to passing printed menus back and forth. Here are links to QR code scanners for Android and Apple.

And finally, please be aware that just because borders are open, the virus hasn’t gone away. Spains infection rate is climbing daily once again, and so are the number of daily deaths. You can read about it here on Cathys blog, Cathy Hogan Surviving Coronavirus Spain.

Be safe, respect local laws and come and enjoy Spain.


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