We are in the process of arranging a motorbike tour from the UK to Spain, via France, in May 2022. The tour is open to individuals and couples, and it allows you to experience travelling to and exploring mainland Europe whilst travelling alongside experienced long-distance two-wheeled travellers.

The trip will last around a week subject to sailing times/dates. We would meet at one of the motorway service areas between Yorkshire and Devon, and you would ride with us towards Plymouth.

The details have yet to be confirmed, but we expect to leave the UK on a Thursday or Friday evening crossing from Plymouth to Roscoff. From Roscoff, we will ride through France on free roads to the Dordogne region for an overnight stop. The next day will take us south, over the Pyrenees and into Catalonia. We will then explore northern and central Spain over the next 3 days before heading north over the Pyrenees (using a different route) and staying again in Dordogne region overnight. We then make our way back towards the Normandy region for another overnight ferry back to the UK. Daily mileage will vary, but expect the two longest days to be around 400 miles each.

UK to France and Spain on a Motorbike?
Me and my girlfriend on my BMW 1250 GS Adventure HP

What we are offering on this trip is help and guidance with booking, route planning, overnight stops and personal support throughout the trip. You will have to pay for your own fuel, food & drink, ferries and accommodation. We are basically the translators, planners and guides for the journey. All the worry about planning and booking is taken away from you, you simply meet us in the UK, ride with us to the ferry, we help you secure your bike if necessary, guide you through France and Spain and back to the ferry, and upon arrival in the UK, we shake hands and each go our own way home. We will each be responsible for transporting our own luggage to and from our accommodation, we are riding guides, not sherpas!

To encourage people to try exploring Europe on a motorbike, we are offering this guided service for £325 per bike and a further £25 for a pillion. This is just for the guiding, you will have to pay for your accommodation, fuel, food and ferry crossings.

To register your interest or to ask any questions about this trip, please email us at info@infospanishmotorbiketours.co.uk

More tours will be available soon, so if you have ever wanted to travel from the UK to France and Spain on a Motorbike, keep checking our Tour Package page.


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