When will you reopen?

Its a question I am asked a couple of times each week, and unfortunately it doesn’t look like it will be anytime soon. Yes, Spain is starting to relax its lockdown restrictions from Saturday 2nd May 2020, but that will take a minimum of 6 weeks provided everyone follows the rules and the covid-19 figures continue to fall.

ABC.es reported yesterday that external borders are expected to remain closed until October 2020. The EU has suggested that borders should reopen across all member states at the same time, and I can fully understand that decision. It is far easier to perform checks on where EU citizens should be if every country keeps its borders closed. Its just far easier to manage if everyone understands that they have to stay in their country of residence until every member state opens its borders.

Of course, there will be anger at those countries who were slow to implement lockdown to try and contain the spread of the virus.

So to answer the question, unless there is a miraculous cure for covid-19 in the coming months, you probably won’t be travelling anywhere in Europe until at least October 2020.


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